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January 23, 2022...
Be sure to check the new CATALOG feature of this site. It now contains all the books that Two Brothers Press has edited for clients around the world, books that TBP has helped format in prepress format for clients who wish to submit their polished work to agents or upload to the self-publishing platforms like Lulu, Barnes & Noble, and of course Amazon. It contains information and links to all my books and updates I may have made to them. And importantly, TBP is bringing out a series of classics, like Charles Dicken's Tale of Two Cities (for example) noted by "A Two Brothers Press Classics Edition."  Check this new catalog page here.

I'm moving all my Two Brothers Press editing and prepress services into this universe of web pages. Most important, my new catalog, that will be updated  every few days to keep up with the new books being published for my clients and my own writing.

So we're finally coming the close of this Covid eventful year—mainly due to the vaccine hesitant to get their shots and thus (some say) causing the virus and its variants to linger. I'll step up and say I've kept up the vaccine shots, boosters, and masking and social distancing. Haven't had so much as a sniffle for two years. Being retired, I found it easy to stay home and work from here. And in this sense, this has to have been one of my most productive years of my writing life. Twenty-eight books...alas not all my own but some were for writers whose work I edited and also typeset for a few. I expanded my skillset working on Amazon's KDP in learning how to effectively create hard cover files but especially the hardback covers for upload. So I created several journals, and I think fellow writers might find them attractive and useful. There's an especially large journal (300 lined pages in paperback) for the really serious Journaler. But any of them make great gifts. Go here to see the entire set of books I've produced in 2021 and a couple of years earlier.

CinatisHardcoverBook I, Cinátis
ISBN-13: 979-8758431559
Hardccover 542 pages

An allegory for our troubled times

Twilight of the Gods, Book I, Cinátis
 is an allegory for our troubled times, where one country, Ch'turc, is controlled by priests whose dictates are enforced by an army dedicated to doing their bidding, where laws are only for those who live under the rule of the priests, not the priests and government leaders themselves. It is a country of the big lie, of complete and utter madness, where even the rulers live in fear of their own people, where newborns are put to death if the sci-priests attending them detect the ancient "stain" of a legendary race of beings who have mated with the ordinary population, which has resulted in those who are "earth gifted", those who are witches and completely evil. Ch'turc is at perpetual war against another country, called Omoham, where the very thing that is feared in Ch'turc is celebrated in Omaham.

This world only has the two countries of Ch'turc and Omaham; the rest of the world is filled with great forests, ice mountains, lands of toxic swamps, and enchanted seas that will reject anyone who attempts to sail them or swim in their waters. Omoham is the land of the "gifted" who live in harmony with nature; Ch'turc is the land of industrialization, where natural resources are becoming depleted, of factories that pollute the atmosphere, of the untold wealth for the few and grinding poverty for the many.

In this first book in the "Twilight of the Gods" series, Ch'turc makes its move to finally enslave Omoham. Some said it was a real plague, a pandemic, sweeping across the land; others said it was a great lie, perpetrated by secretive priests, and spread by the Ch'turc armed forces who would enslave a country for their own gain. But one thing is real—the FEAR that drove thousands from their homes in the dead of winter. They headed north from the cities of the plain, toward the ice mountains of a country ruled by the priests and false patriots,

The takeover of the country of Omoham seems inevitable, and yet, when all seems lost, when an entire country is in danger of giving rise to a dictator, a savior appears with unstoppable power, able to either save the world, or...destroy it.

The Early Journals of Will Barnett
: Uncle Sean • Lance • All Over Him
ISBN-13: 979-8768644154
Hardcover, 509 pages

When fourteen year old Will Barnett meets his Uncle Sean, Will is instantly captivated by his uncle's beauty and begins at that moment to fall in love. That such love is dangerous and forbidden, young Will is only vaguely aware. He is driven to write about his Uncle Sean and begins with these words: "Uncle Sean sure is pretty, but there's something wrong with him, anyway."

"Donaghe's magic in crafting this tale was writing Will's journal in the voice of a fourteen year old. The book is so realistic that one wonders what has become of Sean and Will since the box containing Will's journals was stowed away in the barn thirty years ago..."
 —John R. Selig, Foreword Magazine

I finally created Amazon's very helpful "author's page" which you can find here. It lists all my books and all my a point. Some of my work is under an entirely different name and won't intersect with my writing as myself. It might seem to some of you who check in occasionally that since I've moved to Mississippi, I've been less active than I was before. But the exact opposite is true. I have complete three novels, a collection of autobiographical essays, and two interactive writing workbooks. I've also edited numerous books for local writers, a client in Denmark, two writers from California, and another client from New Mexico, using my Two Brothers Press editing and prepress publishing company.

In the past five years, I have written the Summer's Change trilogy, which are inclusive of Books 5, 6, and 7 in the "Common Threads in the Life" series.

SlicesAlso, while here in Mississippi, I wrote my definitive and up-to-date Slices of Real Life: Autobiographical Essays. It is now available in hardcover at Amazon. I collected many of the essays from literary anthologies that are no longer in print and whose copyrights have reverted back to me. But I also updated and reorganized these essays in a more appropriate order, so that the essays toward the end of the book are present life and allow for future updates. This is my leaves-of-grass-esque endeavor, and I will update it should that be necessary. I chose the title of Slices of Real Life to distinguish my fiction works, which readers continue to insist is autobiographical, but it's not.

Take advantage of my 40 years' experience as a writer, editor, and fiction evaluator with these interactive workbooks, all written in 2021
Book to
                                                          LightSelf-EditWritersVoiceAnd also while here in Mississippi, I began producing high-intensity in
teractive workbooks for new and seasoned writers. I brought 40 years of experience to these workbooks as a professional editor and having written hundreds of book evaluations, mainly fiction in many genres I produced the second book. The third book in this series is sitting at the back of my subconscious, busily writing itself, and it's simply called Finding Your Writer's Voice.. And as the creative juices flow and inspiration comes and sits beside me on little cat's feet, I've come up with a cover, which I will reveal when it's more substantial.

Series Spin-offs
I will write spin-offs in the Common Threads series, but their focus will only be an echo of Tom and Joel's life. They'll be mentioned when necessary but not central to the stories. In Joe Welling and the Cowboys, I take a refugee from the gay subculture and move him farther and farther away from it, until he truly finds himself in a milieu of a different sort. And in Granny Mack and the Gas Station at the end of the World
, we have another refugee of sorts who comes to the end of the road in the middle of nowhere and has only the barest of chances to hand off her grandson to the world before she takes her final bow on the stage of life. —Or maybe that's what these two novels will be about.

I want to remind you that since moving here, I have been blogging about my experiences living in Mississippi, in Postcards from Mississippi. I'm continuing to discover Columbus and, when I get a chance to travel outside of town, I discover more of Mississippi.

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