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New Year's Eve...December 2017...

If you're like me, 2017 was a bad year in politics, real-life threats from President Trump's de-regulations and so-called tax reform, which did two things: held out a false tax cut for the middle class and gave most of the money in the form of loop-holes and tax cuts to corporations and property-holding wealthy—neither of which needed it. Sure, we might see a couple hundred bucks in tax relief immediately in 2018, but that will be followed for five years by increasing rates, until middle-class taxes go back up, while the wealthy tax relief is permanent. This is apparently a gamble by the GOP to snare a few more stupid voters who believe they've benefited. The GOP will suddenly find their fiscal responsibility narrative and then gut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security—something Democrats have been warning voters about for decades. So, in 2018, I want the GOP out of power in the two houses of congress. I want Trump to be defanged, and I sure would like to see the news media ignore him as much as possible. Without the oxygen of the attention he craves, maybe he will twist himself into a Trumple-Thin-skin dervish and drive himself into the ground.

Slices-LifeMy time in Columbus has certainly been productive. In 2016 I finished three books that concluded my "Common Threads in the Life" series. I also published a collection of my essays, which I call Slices of Real Life. I had intended to only bring the collection out as an e-book, but in 2017 I went ahead and published a hard copy edition, as well.

Many readers of the Common Threads in the Life series have often assumed that the seven novels in the series closely reflect my own life. They do not. Slices of Real Life (Autobiographical Essays) is a series of essays that tell my real story, and it is far different from my novels. What is reflected in the many works of fiction I have written are what I value most—family life, being part of the LGBT community, and always having the will to fight for equality. In these essays, I write about the time I first became conscious of self (around age four) until the present (2016). This collection is open-ended, because life is open-ended and will only end when my life comes to a close.

Common Threads in the Life...A Done Deal!
If you haven't yet looked into acquiring all seven books in this series, please consider the e-book collection from Amazon.
I suppose most authors finish a work and ask themselves what's next. As I've said elsewhere my readers keep asking for more of what they usually call "the Tom and Joel" books. And many readers of the now complete series still want more. My answer is Common Threads in the Life is finished. I have written about the 50 years in Tom and Joel's life from 1965 to the "present" (2015), and I'm done. But take heart, I am not finished writing. I'm subconsciously working on two new books. I usually let my subconscious work for awhile before I write anything.

Series Spin-offs
I will write spin-offs in the Common Threads series, but their focus will only be an echo of Tom and Joel's life. They'll be mentioned when necessary but not central to the stories. In Joe Welling and the Cowboys, I take a refugee from the gay subculture and move him farther and farther away from it, until he truly finds himself in a milieu of a different sort. And in Granny Mack and the Gas Station at the end of the Road
, we have another refugee of sorts who comes to the end of the road in the middle of nowhere and has only the barest of chances to hand off her grandson to the world before she takes her final bow on the stage of life. —Or maybe that's what these two novels will be about.

I want to remind you that since moving here, I have been blogging about my experiences living here, in Postcards from Mississippi. I'm continuing to discover Columbus and, when I get a chance to travel outside of town, I discover more of Mississippi.

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